Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hours in the Canyons, No Time for the Road

Yesterday marked one more day in the Canyons. I was signed up for Quicksilver near San Jose yesterday but bagged that after a week of driving back and forth during the work week from that area. I just could not face another 3 hour drive this week. So a 50minute drive to Michigan Bluff and a 6 hour run was the ticket.

This week had me suffering during all the climbs today. The legs had no energy no matter what I did. This included a few more gels and a slower pace. Most of these low energy efforts on these long runs come from two sources. When I get too busy at work I tend to not eat well during the week, either not enough calories or quality (sometimes both), the second habit I have been getting into has been work long hours, return home if I am travelling and not go run as much during the week. These low quality fitness weeks really hurt me. I have been thinking of altering this a bit with some early morning runs instead of immediately starting to work at 5am etc..
I have also developed a haibt of not wanting to run at all on the roads near my house..this builds to lower miles during the week. Again a slight change in attitude can cure this.

The rest of the day in Michigan Bluff was nice as I had some aid station support set up for runners heading on to Foresthill. Always nice to help out.

Looking forward to the first day of the Western States training weekend in two weeks.
The run from Robinson Flat--if there is no snow, to FH will be nice. It should be a zoo out there and I get a chance to meet some new runners...



  1. I wanted to do the QS 50k but couldn't get the day off.
    I have the same idea of not wanting to run on the roads near my house. It's worth the extra drive for me to get on the trails.
    Some days are better than others too, when it comes to running.

  2. I hear ya about the will to run road. I'm really disgusted at times to do so and rather wait for the weekend.