Tuesday, October 13, 2009

First Fall Storms, Good running and WS Lottery

Finally with these past two weekends temps have broken and today we have our first "winter" storms of the season hitting today. Snow Levels will be high but at least with the rain the trails will pack down a bit. It has been very nice recovering from SNER with the last four long runs comprising of long steady ascents up the WS trail to Cool and then finish it off later in the run with the climb up Stagecoach. The quads are getting stronger, heart rate lower but the pace remains slow. No worries. Some track workouts and occasional tempo will take care of that.
These long recovery runs have only lasted 3hours max and then follow that up the next morning with a 1.5 hour run. Not really long time on trails but that is going to increase this weekend with a 4hr run I am planning from Cal Street to Cal3 and back..this will give me long descents and long climbs..perfect for Quad Dipsea.

With the Western States Lottery open on till the 15th there are over 1500 folks on the list so far! Wow...Some names of very familiar folks and some new ones, I scanned the list and saw some suprises and I hope to run into them this winter on the trails...

Have a fun week....Tony

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