Monday, June 28, 2010

Western States-finished!

Finished my first Western States 29:34! Not pretty but a buckle nowcin hand. More later after I rest a bit...


  1. You did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!! I was watching the live feed on Saturday and most of the next morning - and saw you cross the finish line. So amazing...and what's the difference 28 or 29 hours on such a long way to go!? Most of the runners who came in earlier have run multiple hundred milers...some I heard for the 20th time!!! You can be so proud of yourself. I'm starving to hear all about your journey.

  2. Great job finishing race I was following your place on line.Really happy for you and hope you recover well.Lare

  3. Stephanie and was epic...I just have some family things to complete before I post a good report..I am thrilled folks where able to watch the finish line live and see everyone come across..