Friday, December 26, 2008

Gordy's Christmas Run Race Report-NICHOLS WINS!

10k Winner John Nichols! with Santa Gordy!

Gordy Ansleighs annual Christmas Run..Truely reminded me of a Michigan winter day! No race could be more laid back as this...Maybe 50 or 60 runners..a lot of dogs happy to be outside. Gordy provided the entertainiment with a lengthy discourse on the course directions with green and organge ribbons. Having been in bed sick for two days my mind was not all there...just go run. Back to the race...It was spitting sleet and temps somewhere in the high 30's. Nichols and a few others I recognized where there. It turned out that there where two races a 5 and 10k. With the weather and not feeling well I opted for the 5k, while Nichols picked the 10k...I just wanted to get a slow run.
At the sound of the horn off we went. Both races took us through the small village of Meadow Vista..Nichols went off the lead and appeared comfortable and I settled into being about 100 yards back in the first half mile...The 5k seperated and I saw up ahead 2 runners making the turn and there where three others I turned with. I was not thinking of challenging...after all I had not done any speed work in over a year! I was just happy to be running..After the turn things settled in and the group of three just ahead of me started to break up a bit. This 5k was not flat with 3 climbs. I started working a bit with the lone female in the group but I was not interested in passing her...but on the first climb I did. I was calling out our mile split since I had on my garmin watch. The course hit a canal and we passed one other runner now as I could figure we where running at least in the top 5. I decided to take it down a bit and let her work in front of me while we set our sites on a runner just ahead. By mile two we could not see two lead runners and it was myself and two others. I was breathing kinda hard but comfortable with the leg turnover. I would continue to close the gap with the women on the climbs and get within a few feet but I just did not turn the legs over on the downhill and I was settling in to not catch her. It was kinda like a yo-yo I would catch on the climb then lose it on the downhill. Oh well. As the watch rang out 3miles I did not see the finish..hmmm this is a 5k right? I held back a bit here not seeing the park...I cruised in to the finish 5 overall and hey I won my age group! Yea limited folks running..I will take it for the ego...Oh and the course was 3.3miles!

Meanwhile on the 10k Nichols was flying in his retro Nikes...He was all by himself and took the grand prize in for the day...

All in all a good day..Tony

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  1. This is classic Tony

    Gordy makes a great Santa. I cannot imagine a more laid back race than this one!

    Cheers, Paul