Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Traditional New Years Run!

For many a trail runner in Northern California New Years Day means one thing....Gotta go run the Western States Trail...18miles from California Street (in Foresthill) and finish with the climb upto Drivers Flat!

Maybe its the new year and all but this is my top on the list of all training runs any time of the year. Granted I tend to go to bed way early New Years Eve and not head out to any parties..It seems that my party is the next day on the trail. It can be a who's who in the trail running community in Sacramento and northern California that may all be pulling into Drivers Flat to shuttle to the start in Foresthill. There always is a lot of chatter and catching up to do as we all prep..then off to the start...From there we will run on the Western States Trail with brief stops at Cal1,Cal2,Cal3(locations of Western States Aid Staions)...This section offers nice downhills, a few stream crossings and of course the 2.5mile climb upto drivers flat...I always think it would be great to end the run at the river..but NOOOOO gotta finish at the top...However we are often awarded with food and cheer once we arrive at the finish...we all bring something to pass around and celebrate the new year with many folks starting their Serious Training for Western States 2009!

Happy New Year..see many of you early New Years Day!


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  1. I am so jealous. I miss the traditional New Years Day Run. I hope Peter cooked up a big breakfast for you at the top of Drivers.

    Cheers, Paul