Sunday, July 12, 2009

Post Western States Funk

Hi all it has been two weeks since Western States and all the excitement. I must admit to being a little less focused these last two weeks with a kind of let down not having the big race right on the door step so to speak.

After being up for 33hrs the next work day I was a mess. All I wanted to do when I went to the office in Sacramento on Monday was talk about the race. Note to year I am going to take the whole week off after Western States and recharge the body and brain. No sense not being being at work and not being productive.

July 4th was a fun filled day with a little bit of drama thrown in for fun. I started the July 4th day by heading to Sacramento and working at the Buffalo Chips annual FREE 4th of July 5mile race. My assignment as usual was traffic control at an intersection to keep about 400 runners safe. This race has been going on for 30 years in the same neigbhorhood..8am on the 4th. Flyers sent to all in the area notifying them of this. Most folks are really supportive and patient as I have them wait for runners to pass. Well I said most...I had a very rude, impatient female driver that decided to try and mingle her car with the lead pack! I had to run to get her to notice me and pulled her over. Lucky she did stop but that did not stop her mouth from running for a long time while I held her back from trying to drive her car through the rest of the runners.
Lucky for me I headed over to Rob and Kate Evens house later for a 4th of July party. It was all talk about WS..I was the slowest runners in attendence. Nichols, Lantz, Rena, Jasper, Prudence, Andy, Victor..I was out of my league. Still fun though.

Overall, running has been hard...The legs are not tired at all...just the post event let down. Everyone is coming back to running shape again so not a lot of group runs taking place..I did sign up for my second attempt at the Squaw Mountain Run August 1..I love heading up to Squaw for this and enjoy this laid back short race straight up the mountain to high camp. I am also looking at the 100k or double marathon for the Sierra Nevada Run in late September..

Then next edition will be a little more fun and full of energy....See you on the trails. Tony

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