Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lazy Summer Days, A return to running and shoe review

Many of the trails near Auburn and Foresthill are busy highways from January to June with many gearing towards Western States. After states life on the trails gets a bit slower..not so many runners (though there are a lot of races still to be had..) the excitement wears down. Granted over the last 5 years or so there have been a huge increase in the Auburn Recreation area with hikers, folks heading to the river to cool off, mtn bikers all seeing these areas for the first time...While I a happy to see this increased use I kind of want to see it a bit more unspoiled, less people, less informational signs, no cars at trail heads...Can't stop progress right?

Next weekend on the states trail is the Tevis Cup...the race that started it all..I watch video of those horses and their riders climbing on these trails and am amazed at this level of effort. It will be too bad that I will be at Squaw Valley for the Mountain Run. I have never scene the finish of Tevis and it is on my list of things to do...If your in Auburn next weekend be sure to check this race out.

Yesterday I went over to Auburn Running to meet up for the revised Auburn Running training group runs..I got there a few minutes late but the run turned out fine just as well. It was my longest run since Western States...I had lost that charge after states and it was good to feel focused once more on a run. The run was only 14 miles from the store down to StageCoach and then up to Cool and back...But it had me going consistant..not fast nor trying to blow over my max heart rate, so I was happy about that. I did get to see a few runners in the early morning and also test out my new Montrail Mountain Masochist trail shoes!

Montrail Mountain Masochist

Mark,Rena and Erik had all raved about this shoe so I had to order a pair. Overall the shoe is very nice. I was very happy with the fit in the heel right off the bat. Snug fit in the heel and a wide toe box which I like. There is not as much forefoot cushioning as in the Mizuno but I got over that pretty fast. With three runs on these shoes it appears like it could be part of my running gear to review for next years use at States. I will see how they work with the montrail shoe inserts I use in other shoes. That may change the overall feel for the shoe making it hard to run in but will see.

As I said next weekend is the short mountain run at Squaw Valley...looking forward to tahoe area once more.

Have a good week...Tony

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