Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Years Day Run and other thoughts

My favorite annual celebration is only a few days away...No not New Years eve but New Years Day run on the Calstreet loop. I really do not know the origins of this annual "unorganized" run but I have been there since 2001. I have battled rain, a foot of snow in Foresthill, very high stream crossing and slugging it through Sandy Bottom to run this with friends..I suspect a lot of newbies to be there this day where we run 18miles from Foresthill to Drivers Flat Staging area. It is just such a thrill to wake up early new years day...with a clear head and thoughts that the day will be fun that keeps me going back year in and year out. Breakfast to be served after and talk of what everyones running plans for the coming year will be discussed. Oh such joy!
Only one downer the person I would like to usher in the new year is gonna be on the central coast and not able kick my butt out of bed and say..."Go run..I am heading back to sleep". As I write this I am thinking...Gad you really are crazy! It is only one day of running but a very important watermark day and new years eve will take a back seat. Six months from now I want her seeing me finish the race of my life. So the eye on the prize is Finish strong Western States with my friend greeting me with a smile and hug as I cross the line (that is if she can hug a pretty dirty, sweaty me)...

Other than that I am excited. Waiting to see what my January training will look like and talk to my coach. Even though I have Pacifica on the calendar for January 23 I need to review how this fits in the training. My December mileage has been what I consider low but this light month has helped build some speed and get the legs and mind ready for the months to come.

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  1. There is no better way starting the new year with what you love to do. While living in NYC have never been able to do that, because usually the winds are super strong that day and ice cold. This year I'm going to do the same: Run.

    Have a great race and happy new year!