Saturday, December 12, 2009

Week after Lottery--Planning begins

Running on the Dipsea Course--A stunning view

One week after the lottery and seeing the final names begin to appear on the participant list for 2010. A few more friends have gotten in and the final aid stations selections will yield a few more. The one benefit for living local is knowing many of the captians that staff the aid stations on the course. These offer up one spot each year for doing all that work. So friends that don't get selected begin seeing who has an aid station slot available.

For me I meet with my coach for the first time and set up a December training schedule. Not a lot of heavy running but some core work at the gym and short runs focused on easy with strides on flat sections. It feels good knowing that this is only 6 months off..its REAL. So I want to make the most of each day. The temptation is just listening to other friends running schedules and not following my plan. One friend asked about running 30miles on Saturday..sounds good but I want to follow a routine that will get me to the line healthy and ready.

I have not selected my crew or pacers yet though I have set out some feelers for crew. I don't expect that to be complete till spring. I dropped the dollars for lodging in Squaw and a hotel near the track. Even though I live 10miles from the finish having that room so close will be important. Next up for me is trying to figure out some of the items I need to think to shoes, inserts, shirts with sponsor names from Auburn Running and Mosters of Massage, headlamps and hand held flashights. Get in my 8 hours of trail or volunteer work...see if I want to spend extra time up near squaw to acclimate for altitude...check on work schedule..oh yea...gotta work during this training..All fun.

See you all on the trails..Tony

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  1. Plenty of time but I am sure it will fly by apart from when it lags!