Sunday, May 9, 2010

48 Days till the Dance...Some good signs and plans are taking shape

With last weekends Miwok 100K in the books the week proceeding turned out to be about recovery, test the legs, and begin to set a plan. 

The early week had me a little tired on Sunday and Monday just from the shear hours being out there and not sleeping well on race night.  I still managed to get to the gym and jump on the Elliptical to start the road back.  I used the sauna each day and was working the legs and IT.  I noticed that I did not feel as tight in my legs as in past races.  I believe my legs are getting used to this.  I went to Monsters on Tuesday and both IT's where hurting during the session.  I vowed to continue stretching, using the foam roller,stick and sauna.  I am gonna be ready.  It was a revovery week before things go on for the final 30 days of hard training.  I enjoyed not running but was looking forward to Saturday and a return to the canyons. 

I tested the weeks worth of this recovery effort with a run from Michigan Bluff to Devils Thumb and back.  A great spring day...I saw many runners and it was enjoyable stopping along the way to talk to everyone.  As a side note..As I drove up that morning I was letting myself vision what race day would be like from the start to the sections along the trail and the finish..It was rather exciting and emotional..I am going to make it to the starting line.  So hard to believe.

That said I ran easily and on my climb to Deadwood I noticed something all the climbs are hard but my legs are feeling fine on these climbs. It does not mean I am running faster but the effort is not as hard as in prevous years in the canyons.  I think this is a good sign...The best however was the fact that on the run down from Deadwood to El Dorado Canyon I had no IT pain at all and ran some sections free and easy. 

I then climbed up to Michigan Bluff and the last mile with Bob Crowely we had a good talk and I had ots of energy.It was a perfect short recovery day!

Sunday I went for another short run and planned out the coming last three weeks. The IT was holding up and I felt ready for a hard week coming up.  Foresthill to Last Chance and back.  Then two weeks till Memorial day training.  Things are going by so fast.  I was able to make my first draft of my Western States Race Day Plan.  I will share more as it get firmed up but its very conservative with some unknowns on how race day will be...Snow Course Route cause of too much snow near robinson? Boat River Crossing?  I am going ahead with some goals at certain sections fo the course.  My coach thinks its pretty conservative and could be faster.  We will be reviewing this.  I have my crew, I am planning my aid station, drop bags and crew.  Its all coming together...

Its so close now...and I can't believe it...


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