Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sufferfest in the Canyons: "Make it feel like the last 20 at WS"

Let us cut to the chase...Yestedays run in the canyons was my worst ever!  I just plain out suffered after the first 9miles to my finish of only running about 31 out of a scheduled 37.

I had all good up with Mark Lantz at Foresthill School and run to Last Chance and back.  That was accomplished I saw a ton of folks heading out to the canyons most starting at MB and doing various canyon distances.  I had some hesitation running with Mark since even though he is coming back from injury...M9 from last year is still very fit.  We took off from FH and had a nice crossing at Volcano and I powerwalked very well up to Michigan Bluff in a time of 1:15.  Mark normally runs that in 1:06 and me..well about 1:30 so a good pace for me...legs felt fine no issues at all, IT ok.

We saw Kate Evens at MB waiting on Rob to catch her he must have started after us from FH...We took off on the downhill to El Dorado.  Mark was doing fine for his first day in the canyons.  We began the climb to Deadwood and I handled that well until the quads suddenly felt weak with about 3miles to Deadwood.  I was tired..Here started my day of suffering.  I tried gels, extra S-Caps (those seemed to help later) as it felt more like a hike the rest of the day...I have never felt so low mentally as well in the canyons.

Overall time wise I was only about 15 minutes slower than normal as I began my downhill to Swinging Bridge...With my IT concerns it took forever as I babied the downhill...I finally go to Swinging Bridge to see Mark waiting for the climb up to Last Chance...we set off and it was here I had my minor mental melt down. I told Mark to F OFF as he told me to power walk really strong (he was right ) but I had no energy still...Caren Spore came up from behind and told me to use the day like the last 20 can be at WS....Then Pete Korn on his way down said to do the that was it..just get through this...

I finally go to Last Chance and turned with Mark...The time was really not slow about the same as 4weeks ago so even though I felt terrible it still was not bad in the big picture of things...I waddled down to Swinging Bridge and grabbed some very nice spring water prior to going up Devils Thumb..thinking like race day I timed the ascent.  It was slow, not as bad as heading up to LC...but I have that time to measure for race day...I met up with Caren again and she was being nice and showing concern..nice thing about trail runners.
I took it easy on the way down from Deadwood and saw Grant and Leslie on some of the switchbacks I could have caught em and had some company but I was intent on suffering by myself. 
Finally...the climb to Michigan Bluff..I was really slow and the 10minute log took me 14minutes to get to on the climb...I just kept moving. with less than a mile to go I heard Grant shout down to me on the switchback above me....I caught him and we finished out the day of suffering.   I had to stop at MB...Mark was coming to get me.  I had done the same for him and Skaden in the past now my turn. 
We all hung out for awhile with all the dogs of MB....Matt Keyes offered up a beer and we enjoyed the late afternoon sun. 

A long day of suffering nothing went really well after the first 2 hours.  But still If I had to push I could have...but better days ahead.  Still on track I have been doing the work, with long hours and runs.  Today...going to the gym, sauna, cold pool. 


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