Sunday, July 25, 2010

Time to comeback, Tevis, and other rambles

As I looked at the title of my blog..I guess it is time for a change..No nothing drastic just the title will surely get dated soon so maybe a new title to reflect what is coming up next...Will have to think about it.

It has been one month since the race..many of my fellow WS runners have gotten back into racing etc...As for me it has been short runs a lot of work, all leaving me kinda feeling sluggish. I did keep in mind that Twietmeyer always says he takes a full month off after WS then comes back. Give the body a break. Well Saturday was a month..I wanted to head to Auburn and the overlook to see the set up for the Tevis Cup race..Tevis is the one that helped start 100 mile runs..This is the horse race on the WS course which Wendell Robie started in the early 50's after he helped lead an effort to mark and perserve the trails used to all the old mining camps and towns during the gold rush. Simply amazing seeing these horses move on the same trails up very rocky slopes....Does any other of the 100 mile courses have so much history of use?

So I went on a run..I felt pretty good..I set off slow but then stopped for a minute to be caught by a couple of runners..I reverted back to old competitive stance and had to get out in front of them and stay that way...So I started running harder than I wanted to...(ok I must have wanted to) and by the time I got to NoHands..My legs felt like jello...I returned slow but feeling this was a start back to fitness. Today my legs are a bit sore and I will head to the gym...Build the distance back in time..enjoy and pick a few races.

A few other things...on my mind. First I have to give a major presentation in a number of cities in the west starting in late Sept. It ends in Hawaii and I am figuring out where I want to spend some additional time. Torn between the night life of Honolulu or just relax a bit at Maui..leaning to Maui...

Better go and get my body ready for the beaches of Maui...Aloha...

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  1. Yes, you do need a new blog name! Definitely an "ultra" should be in there!!!