Sunday, August 8, 2010

Been a couple weeks....some notes and comments

Hi all it seems like it has been forever since I last posted. I am slowly returning to the trails and can say that I feel a bit lost without such a big goal to target. I have been talking to other folks that target Western States each year and many feel the same. While there are many that simply keep on running with little break there are others that relish the time off during the dog days of summer to recharge. At my age and level of conditioning I see the later being where I need to focus. Enjoy this time off versus feel I gotta get back out there. There is one personal area where I want to focus that free time but that has yet to take place yet. More on that goal later...

So what the heck have I been doing...Mostly work, at night when I come home it could be a short trip to the gym and rarely has it included a run on the trails...While at the gym I see the regulars that do their routine..I sometimes ask myself what are they building towards...? Or is it to feel good and be happy. Guess we all have different reasons.

I made it back out the last few weekends on some longer runs on the trails lasting 3hours but I am still a bit tired after..gym workouts during the week do little for my overall capacity..But I have noticed that my times are on par right now with some early season training times so things are coming back. I am considering returning to Quad Dipsea in November and try and finish the course after my miserable attempt last year. But I need a lot of conditioning and more mental toughness. However if there is one thing that WS taught me is that I have a bit of mental toughness to continue on and I use that thought during the day when things appear hard.
Someone compiled a clib of images at Devils Thumb and me finishing at WS..Boy I was running can be found here...
Link to a WS Clip..Me finishing (about 4:30min in to clip)

So I just need to ride the storm out a bit longer...I am coming back to fitness levels I want to be at ...a few more personal things to take care of and life will be good....Till then hit those trails and have some fun.


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  1. I like the new blog name! Well done! Everything else must be peanuts for you now that you have run 100 miles!!!!! Running makes one so much stronger and gives one endurance in all other matters. That alone makes it all worth.