Friday, February 13, 2009

Wet Trail Running, Tour of California and Dan Moores Update

Just a brief note...Hey is this the drought buster week or what? Rain and low snow levels have arrived this week and will be more intense this weekend. Winds will be with these storms making it a bit more difficult on the trails. But for the most part the sections where we run are pretty well protected. Granted blow downs and diversions will be a given. To avoid as much mud sucking sections Saturday will be a 26 mile run on the American River Section from the Overlook to my favorite section.....Buzzards and those $%#$$# tight rocky will be good for me. Sunday higher wind forecast of upto 50miles might have me altering plans but 15-20miles is on the agenda.

Local talk is focused on the start of the Tour of California..and the return of Lance Armstrong..They will be earning their pay this weekend. The time trail around the Capitol should be rain and wind free but the ride in Davis and Santa Rosa will be really wet...Oh well can't time everything.

A positive note...I ran into Dan Moores at his shop Auburn Running yesterday. He was getting ready for a brief snowshoe run near blue canyon. He is prepping for his bone marrow transplant at Stanford first week in March. He is very upbeat. With the schedule he said he will be living through posts of runners training for this years Western States...those posts he will be comparing their prep and race season leading up as he recovers...They expect him to be out of hospital in time to see the finish at the track in Auburn for WS! That is his goal like the runners make it to the finish line. We will all cheer him on.


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  1. Kind of comforting to know you'll be out there too and I'm not to only one in pain. Also plan a long run 20-25 miles. Eh, pain - pleasure it is mostly!

    Hey, does the Auburn Running Company still have those cool shirts that say "Auburn Running Company" on the front and Ultrarunning on the back? I bought one, but didn't try it on. Too small, what a shame.

    Have a super weekend. Hopefully not too windy and snowy;-)