Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Running-The goats are out and Lantz,Skaden and Evens smoke me on the final climb!

Today was a very nice day to run in Auburn. It seems the last two weeks running plans have been fluid..As was the case today. Rena joined me on a run from the overlook on the American River Trail we ran a total of 23miles under sunny skies. Mark Lantz,Rob Evens, Eric Skaden and John Nichols started a little later but where never far behind. With all the rain the previous week the trail was near perfect. To back up a bit we ran on presidents day on the same course but only for 15 miles it was sloppy, windy, pouring and cold...we all had fast runs that day up from the river.

It we ran very consistant the first 10 miles and I decided to make the turn at 11.5 and just prior to starting the run through buzzards. It was getting kinda warm. I was out front to this point and with Rena..she knows when I ask her to lead that I am starting to get tired. On the return to RattleSnake we loaded up on water and food for the final 10miles. Just past rattle we hard a familiar sound from last spring...a bells that are tied to two Goats that a guy brings along with his german shepard for a walk on the trail...These really are pretty amazing goats. They walk just in front of the owner with no leash and the german shepard tags along...Only in California! From Rattle to the 6mile to finish mark things where ok..getting slower but not minding. At this point is a section

Still Smiling...on the American River Trail

I need to start working on as repeats...2.6 miles from there to the river before the final climb. It is this section that is so runable that I tend to crumble all the time. I gotta fix that. Rena was gone at this point and I told her to push it since nothing is worse than getting caught by runners that started after you begin...I was not so lucky with a mile to the top I turned to hear Mark Lantz say...your worst nightmere..I caught you..I cursed a four letter word as he blew by...then came Skaden and Rob Evens..all strong to the top. I was tired and sore...
The week was pretty good with highlights of 15miles on Monday, 23 miles today and will end it with a 13mile run Sunday. Still have a lot of work to do for AR but it is coming along...Tony

Fashion is obviously not our game after the run Me, Erik Skaden, Mark Lantz..

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  1. Eh, who cares about fashion if you can run 23 miles like that? Love the pics - looks like it's spring time in CA already. I think it's very precious to have a running buddy like Rena who will take the lead if you fatigue; it's priceless. Btw, do you have a certain time goal for AR? Just wondering:-)