Sunday, February 8, 2009

Work gets in the Way, Strange Diet and Strong Weekend

The work I am involved in has one or two times in the winter and spring that can bring havoc to my training schedule. The first happend last week. 5 solid days of no running and standing on my feet talking to clients. It just has to be. I have been fortuante for the most part to have some freedom to complete my work and have time for some training runs.

That said I had to run solid Saturday and Sunday. Both runs took place on the American River Trail.

Saturday consisted of the out and back to RattleSnake Bar from the Overlook. Most everyone where racing at Woodside or at Jed Smith. So it was just me on a cool, but sunny day. Skaden and Lantz where running on the same course but being so much faster I was on my own. So off I went. Some may wonder how I while away hours on a trail...? Running alone I usually process something. Today I used the miles to calculate time splits for the AR50 race. Not quite like the lead in a beautiful mind I run calculations in my head...This helped me gauge where am fitness wise as I haed toward April. Getting to the turn around and the final 10miles I felt ok. But as in the past with 6miles to go my splits slowed. I did finish with a good run up the hill better than last weeks.

This lead to the strange diet for the whole day...Here it is..its a wonder I could run at all Sunday...

Saturday Diet...

Pre Run...1 cup coffee, 3blocs, 1 water bottle Ultima, One Vespa

During Run...About 60oz Ultima Sports Drink, Two packs blocs, two salt tablets

Post Run...Immediately after 2-Chocolate Ensures, One small serving coke

Dinner--Three hours later...Two Cheeseburgers on the grill, one beer, one glass milk...
Thats it...I may need to eat a bit more during the run but I am gauging levels of food during the days of running.

Sunday..With all that lack of food..I had a casual run planned. I was only going to run 12 miles. I took it easy in the morning. Just sipping coffee and three blocs prior to the run. With one bottle of ultima off I went back to the overlook and a run on the trail...It turned out better than expected. Legs felt so good the whole day. I used this time to run steady to my 6mile turn around. I could not figure it out why I felt good. But I was taking it for all that it is worth. My return splits to the overlook where very positive....With the coming weeks I feel I need some longer weekends and get past two or three hours on Sunday.

I am still ahead of last years running and feel good about that..

Weekend Total..32 miles.



  1. Tony

    Thanks so much for you offer, my email address is, at least that will get the ball rolling!

    Thanks again!

    PS looks like you had a more than solid weekend on the AR trail

  2. I love to run alone, too. And yes, you're right - a lot of processing happens. When else can one be free from everything!