Monday, February 1, 2010

1 month down-5 to go

The Legs are tired after running Cool....

Whew...The first month of training for Western States is over. It was a base building month with volume being low and maximize quality. That said I heard comments that my mileage was low but in reality it was not too far behind those naysayers. I still have the need to really monitor my early and mid week runs. For me I can get so caught up in work that can limit my time on feet. January there was only one day that work got in the way. So I was happy about that.

Last week was kinda tiring for me. I have been cutting back food and trying to cut a few of those pounds. I want to get back down to 144 which is a good running weight for me. I have 7 pounds to go and it seems to be all in that dreaded mid section...John Nichols says I should just run every event with my shirt off and that will shame me to lose it fast :) After Pacifica I did a 3 mile recovery run on Sunday and then the gym. I did not feel too bad, nor did my Tuesday speed workout. But come the middle of the week and my Stagecoach loop my legs where tired they did not respond well and my time felt long..In reality it was not too bad and not my slowest Stagecoach by far so maybe preception had something to do with that...Saturday I ran the Cool Course..For those wondering this is the course for the Way Too Cool 50k. Many folks love running is just too crowded for me and I am volunteering again at the event. Back to Cool..

I met up with Andrew,Kim and 3 others to run the last 25 of the WTC course it was a bit cool at the start but not bad. Mud was the theme of the day and a little slick in spots but nothing serious. Streams I just went right through them, no rock hopping. As we took off I stayed tucked in behind Drew and Kim as they lead it down to 49 crossing. I am soooo slow on any real technical downhill so they picked it up a bit. I caught em as we waited at 49 for the others and headed to Quarry Road....I let em go as they where moving fast. I stayed back about 30seconds and could here them chirping away. That was the last I saw them and the others in the group. I spent the rest of the day trying to bridge up to Drew and Kim. I gave up as I hit the top of Browns Bar. I saw a large group from Auburn Running heading up to Goat...I would be there later but some work to do first. I had not really felt good all day running the legs just plain tight. I got into a slow steady pace and just focused on hydrating and eating correctly since I was going slow...might as well make sure I have some fuel. As I approached 3rd Gate I saw the pile of food and drink that the Nichols quad ball group had as they were doing multiple climbs up Ball Bearing. I had hoped to seem them but never a sight today...Oh well.

I made it down dead truck carefully and had a real good climb up Ball Bearing and was happy with that. As I got to ALT I ran into a group that had left Cool Firestation 45minutes before me that where running the same route..So I caught them..That was nice but I did not want to run with them the rest of the day..The wheels where about to come off. I just lost it from ALT to Browns..a little less than 1hour to go those was pathetic...But time on feet. I decided climbing up to Goat that the rest of the run and final 5 would be reviewing my attitude, how times can be tough and just NEVER STOP. That is going to be my phrase in my head come race day when things get hard. There will be lows that will want to make me stop but I need to review that hard times will pass and followed by some good.

I finished with those thoughts and time seemed to go by pretty fast out there. Overall I was tired but that was was time on feet. The month has ended. My February schedule in hand. Mileage really starts to ramp up. I have a business trip all week. Trying to find some way to actually go out on a date with my friend but schedules, maybe timing are throwing it off the rails. This has happened before with us... it is disappointing but not the end of the world..She is just missing out on all this fun...Till next week....

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  1. A solid month!

    I am reading Racing Weight,it's an interesting take on getting to your perfect racing weight...clue;s in the name I guess!

    PS did you get my email reply?