Sunday, February 14, 2010

Check that Junk Mail, Run in the Sun

Lets cut to the chase and start with...THE SUN IS OUT! After weeks of winter storms, We had our first real day of sun, warmth and even some flowers and trees are starting to bloom!
This makes such a difference in getting out.

Back to the title...Like many we receive a ton of junk paper mail these days...What ever happened to getting a nice letter or card in the mail...Those are far and few between but a few friends still send notes and cards..It is nice. Anyway...As I have come to do...see the mail..don't recognize the sender (for credit cards, refiance the house, etc) I just rip it up and throw it away. I picked up my mail and was starting to do the usual on Tuesday when I saw an envelope it...looked like junk mail...I opened it I rarely do...To my suprise it was from my bank that is holding my mortage on my house (btw..anyone want to buy it for what I purchased it at?) was a check for nearly $800 for my impound account for taxes! Well it is not nice to get that check knowing that my home value has reduced so but its still a nice suprise considering I was about to throw it out...!

The other cool thing this week aside from running was a high school classmate is the commander of the last scheduled space shuttle that took off this that is pretty cool....not many of those in this world and I went to school with him. Granted I can't recall him well but still neat.

On to running and life in general. I had a very nice week of running with some increased mileage from the coach leading to a long run Saturday. All my midweek runs this week took place at the Overlook with me running down to the river and the American River Trail. The shortest run was time wise...1:23 and the longest a tad over 5hours. I am getting some of my endurance back since I noticed the 1:23 felt very short in terms of time and post run feeling. It was fast and enjoyable. The AR trail drops down from the Overlook to the river for 3.1miles and then hits some sweet single track from there. This creates a nice out and back with the climb good training for race day. Saturday I ran long with Rena, Karyn Hoffman and one other person...We took off early to run to Sterling Point and Back...26miles. I did make a rookie error and not stay at my pace for the first half and had some very fast split times as I chased Karyn...We had a long break as folks loaded up with water at Sterling and the return. This long break of 5minutes plus got my legs tight..they never really came back....The return was not too comfortable but the day was nice I was thinking that my last two weekend runs where the same time a little shorter and tried to compare the effort on a flattish course versus the climbing on the cool course. I am thinking that my diet needs a major tweak since I still talk about not eating enough during the week leaving me a bit tired during the long run...better get that dialed in soon.
Valentines Day...have a good one...Tony

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