Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Quad Ball Graduate-Wheres my diploma? Where is my friend?

Rena and Me...Just starting loop 2---

Quad Ball Profile---it is missing about 1mile since I had operator error...

I have some good news...I am finally getting some running legs that make me feel good about my training! With plan moving into its 3rd month and the mileage is building I am feeling better each weekend on the long runs. Granted I have some tired legs the next day but they snap back soon. That is a good sign. I will admit to enjoying seeing a day off on the schedule but those are now once a week versus two early on in the calendar.
With that said...The week began with a tired leg run on Sunday that had me running short. I made that up on the day off with a fast Stagecoach Loop on Monday that had me suprised at how it felt easy and in control. The rest of the running week was kinda like that...Saturday was a big day on the Western States Trail with the first organized run sponsored by Greg and the WS Crew...It is the annual 20mile run from GreenGate to the finish...they had 200 runners on the course. It was short for me so I got Rena to run Ball Bearing Repeats.....This is a tough course with speed and climbing...John Nichols invented the term QuadBall for 4 that is what we set out to do. It was a very good day for me...A big improvement over my TriBall effort in January. We screamed some sections and moved hard up Ball Bearing...Our loop times where...
1:24, 1:21, 1:19 and 1:23. Folks can run this faster but it was so good for me...It left me tired but still energy in the tank. During the second lap we got the train of runners on the training run and they all seemed happy. Tim Twietmeyer had a posse of WS newbies swarming around him as he made the turn from 3rd gate up to ALT...He did not mind in the least and I would guess a thrill for many running next to him on the trails.

Today I feel good about the training...but on a bummer note..My valentine has gone MIA...It is important to me that she be around to listen in on these moments that are hard but joyous..for my own reasons it is important that she be involved even from a distance. I guess I want her to be proud of saying I can go the distance.but when she goes MIA it casts doubt. Regardless of this my training moves forward. Will she be at the finish in June? ..time will tell but I can't stop and wait...Till next week...tony

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  1. Maybe you should try to make your valentine run herself? It must be hard to endure the partner's passion that takes up so much time, but it is so important to have that support; just being there at the finish or start or at least support in thoughts. I hope she'll turn around. Maybe you should let her know how you feel?

    Good luck and great job. By the way, how many miles per week do you do now?