Sunday, April 18, 2010

Week after AR50 a day in the Canyons

All Photos courtesy of Barb Ash:

First Day in the Canyons--Still a lot of Snow-Heading back from Last Chance

A good group of folks..heading back to Michigan Bluff...L/R-Sandra Ross,Jack Meyer, Barb Ash, Trish Godtfredson,me, Monica Moore, Amy Schmich

Archie the Mayor of Michigan Bluff (he is the dog!) always there to greet a runner if they have food!

As the Photos indicate yesterday was the first real run in the Canyons this year. I also was very curious on how I would react a week after AR50. I have been waxed in past years following not moving well. My post week for AR had me a bit concerned with the IT Band on the right leg. I went to the Gym on Sunday and Monday to test the leg. I was tired from the run and just took it easy. I had not done a lot of streching during those days and went for a run Tuesday and felt the IT tighten a lot. I did have my standing Tuesday appointment with Veloyce at Monsters and he worked on it..I was not too concerned after that just feeling I had to be conservative and not push it too hard for the week.

So that was what I did. I started stretching Wed morning, went on a short run with minimal tightness, did the same Thursday. Friday off and I wondered if it would be good to run up and down the canyons with everyone on Saturday. This section is Michigan Bluff to Last Chance and back. 25miles total with long downhills and climbs..all a good chance to really screw things up if I went too fast.

So I decided to give it a try. I would start with running down from MB to the river and maybe turn at the pump in Deadwood. Well when I arrived at sleppy gold mining town of Michigan Bluff I was shocked! James Barsted had sent out a note on Facebook seeing who was interested in running from MB..normally maybe 10 tops you would see..Well this morning we saw about 50 folks! Gad what a cluster! Most newbies, not that there is anything wrong with doing things the first time but this is pretty hard core if they where going to Last Chance...I saw this and jumped in front of the pack and ran as fast as I could at the start to get away from the crowd. I was taking it easy when I wanted to scream down the trail to the river. Things where ok! No real pain yet..the climb to Deadwood for 5 or so miles was hard but my week after AR50 I was feeling good so I must be getting in better shape. I slowed down to take in the views and say to myself..its a week after AR no need to go too fast. That is when I let Jack Meyer and his posse catch me..I am glad they did..I stayed with them pretty much the rest of the day.

I got to the pump with them and had mentioned turning. Barb Ash said you better keep going your in got to suffer even if your IT is acting up. She was we moved on to Devils Thumb and the descent down with the IT a little tight I actually walked/ran down DT for the first time ever..normally I run but today no hurry, the group was slow but steady and offering me some company for a change. Down to Swinging bridge and I was about to bail and turn when Barb said time to climb to Last Chance..So I did..she was good for me today. I just tucked in behind her and power walked up. I was feeling really good. We then got up to Last Chance and started to run into a lot of SNOW. We got to the spiget filled up and turned back. The run down from Last Chance would be interesting..I had a IT strap on and that seemed to keep things in check.

As we got to Swinging Bridge I should have fueled up with the steep climb up the Thumb. I was moving slow and actually getting a little dizzy and tired on this climb..I took a roctane when I caught up with Jack and the group around one of the runners..she had fell and had a gash in her ankle and a wrist that looked broken. She was really tough, they cleaned her up and we took off up DT...she just kept running. It was later confirmed that she broke her wrist.

From the pump to the river its downhill and I wanted to so run this section fast. But I took it slow..this was the last section I thought I could do damage on this run. I was near the back but not caring just enjoying the day. Finally the last climb up to Michigan was long for me today but as I got to the top I had made it through with the IT issue. I think I will be ok..I stretched after and will more this morning. My legs feel pretty was a slow day but great time on feet...I need that.

Miwok in a few weeks I think I will be ready but so much to build on in these last couple of months.


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