Sunday, April 25, 2010

Second Weekend at Michigan Bluff, One week until Miwok 100k

A short post as I begin preperations for next week and Miwok 100k. With training ramping up it was bound to happen that there are some minor pains and injuries that have flaired up along the way to the start line in June. The real goal is get to the line healthy as possible. I was able to review with Veloyce at Monsters of Massage a nagging stiffness that has gets to me at night..not so much when I run but after. We found that in a small connector area of the left knee..go figure. I think we can control that in the coming weeks. Next some IT issues. I started a good strengthing and stretching program this morning that I feel will help. Just wish I had done that feels like my hip abductors are just a bit weak. Better work on that....
On with the week in running...I took it easy during the week trying to follow instructions to see if some rest can help on the IT. I did however go to Michigan Bluff on Saturday to run a bit of the canyons. I could have done 6-7hours again this weekend but I wanted to A)test the IT again access for issues, B)Have some energy for next weekend and 100k. So this weekend not so large of a group where out on the trails. Archie the Mayor dog of Michigan Bluff was out in all his glory and we had a long chat sitting in the sun after (granted he only was nice when I gave him some of my Cliff Bar) he was good company as always at the finish...Oh back to the run..I did 15 from Michigan Bluff to Devils Thumb and back I kept it at 4hours of running. It felt short for a weekend..aside from the 2hour run the weekend before AR this 4hour time was my shortest run in a long time..I am happy that most of my time has been 5-7hours of running and with the slow 9hr 50 minute AR I have spent good time on my feet. Will come in handy next weekend. It was a stunning day..I ran a bit with Amy Schmich who is also running WS for the first time. She is pretty new to the community but is a strong runner and should do fine. Chris Perillo was out for 8hours of running today and flew by us...John Blue and posse where out and Matt Keyes, along with Nichols where out for some long suffering runs of 46-ish miles. Ken Crouse was leading the back and helping out some new runners on this day....But the sun was out mild temps...I just power walked up to Deadwood and it was fine. I left everyone and felt guilty on my turn early to head back from the thumb. I had a easy run to the river. I so love this stillness on the single track taking in this peaceful scene. I stopped for 10minutes or so and talked to Charly was that kinda day...Just enjoy. I felt better on the days climb up Michigan Bluff...Then sat in my chair and talked to Archie for about an hour.

Next week is Miwok...I am going to take it easy on the downhills and keep the IT and knees in check. This is a training does not matter about how fast I will finish...That said I would be happy with 14hours of time on feet...For this week stretch, work on the hip abductors and taper for a long run.


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  1. Tony - you are a very cerebral runner and approaching this training with the utmost discipline! I am soaking in all the good knowledge from everyone including yourself and think focusing on the weak abductors is key to helping resolve the IT issues and their insertion to the lateral knee.
    Eye on the prize in June with a nice diversionary Headlands trip this upcoming weekend! I hear we get a nice oversized Lagunitas Bottle of beer at the Finish!!!!!!