Sunday, April 4, 2010

Coooold Running before AR

Cool Runners---Yes its COOOLD
L-R-Chris Prerillo,Me,John Blue,Eric Johnson, Erik Skaden (image-John Blue)
The Last weekend before American River 50 mile was good.  There where many folks out on the trail Saturday for taper runs of various distance.  I had 15 on the schedule and ran well with a group of 8 or so.  It was a strong run out and I needed to keep it down a bit and dropped off the pack about 30seconds to a minute.  It was good running with the group but I had other plans. I wanted  to use the turn and climb back to get in my strategy for those final 10miles from Rattlenake in...The clmb simulated what I am guessing my pace will be and it was really easy...Granted next week it will be after 47miles.  AR50 is just a training run in the big picture but still want to test myself a bit..  I am more curious about the following Saturday and a run in the canyons.  I feel in better shape but one never knows until you try.  The taper and cold weather have played on the mind a bit.  I want hot weather to begin the next phase of training which is gonna be critical.
Till next week...stay warm and keep running. 

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  1. Is it already AR time? I wish you ideal weather and an awesome time. Go kick butt!!