Sunday, March 1, 2009

30mile unsupported Training Run

Saturday was about a month out for American River 50 mile Race and on the calendar was my first 30mile run of the year. I was late in signing up for a PCT race and a lot of others where in Napa for todays road marathon. I was on my own. Today's route was again the a portion of the American River Trail (Overlook to RattleSnake and Back) and at the start I added in the StageCoach Loop from the Overlook. This was not bad way to start with a 9mile run prior to hitting the AR course. The trail to and from StageCoach was really nice a few slick muddy spots but some interesting views...
Here is a waterfall..just before the climbing the blackhole

The view from StageCoach-Below American River HWY 49 to Cool
It was overcast with temps in the high 40's when I started at 7:30. I took a alternate route up Robie Point to the Overlook and saw a older gentlemen walking up Robie (for those not familiar Robie Point is on the WS course and swings through a neighborhood in Auburn to the finish line at the Placer Track. The guy said..Hi and good form as I ran slow past him..just then he mentioned that he used to run endurance with only 7 miles under my belt and 23 to go I thought I would walk with him and chat about his history...It turned out that he had his 1 Western States Buckle and ran the race back in 1981---We talked about his strategy and his gear he used 28 years ago...He left me at his house with one word of advice..Patience! He said he started the race that year in last place and was just saving himself for a faster second half..he let everyone get in front of him and then he started to pick folks off after Michigan Bluff..He said he finished 38 that he said take your time at the start and use Patience.

From there I got to my car at the overlook and grabbed my camelback and took off for the final 21...I took things slower from there to my normal checkpoints along the AR course but was holding steady. I hit my turn at Rattle figuring I needed about 2 hours to cover the trail and final 3.2 mile climb. I was feeling better than last week at this point and that continued. Running on your own for that long I can get unmotivated at certain sections along the day and I think that contributed to my slowing as I headed toward the river. I did a run/walk up the hill to the overlook and finished the final section in 2 hours 9 minutes. So not too far off my mark. Race day will be different..There will be two more 30mile runs in the next 3 weekends then a moderate taper two weeks prior...

Have good week...Tony


  1. I'm impressed you're running all by yourself out there. Just in terms of "wild life". I know it's sounds silly and it only happens rarely, but when ever I ran by myself out in Cali I never felt completely ok.I'm glad I don't have to worry here east, but nature doesn't even come close to the west coast trails! Way more beautiful!!!

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog - I've always been interested in ultra running and trail events! Absolutely fantastic what you do - and really neat that you stopped to chat. Too often we blow by people, never realizing their story. Great that you did. LOVE the pictures!

    I did think about your run (30 miles! WOW) while I was riding (5 hours)... You're awesome!