Saturday, January 31, 2009

AR over ball bearing that needs to be done

Profile from the American River Course--From Near Dam Road to Overlook 24.5 miles

Today I passed on the Nichols Quad Ball Bearing Run and focused on a run that will do me more good come April. I wanted time on this section of the American River Course since it includes some narly sections of running at Buzzards Cove and has that 3.2 mile climb to the finish at the Overlook. More time on feet here and sections that are runnable so lots of leg turnover perfect to close out the month of January. I was joined by Rena today. Rena is a strong runner with hill climbing being her speciality. I was trying to start of slow today like I did last week when I run with Mike Hernandez on a slow first 10..I had hoped that but We ran faster at the start..maybe cause she is faster than Mike. I was feeling tight the first 3 miles but gradually started to feel better. By the time we got to Buzzards Cove time seemed to stand still..dang is this slow for me and a lot other runners. It took foreeeeever to go through Buzzards with steep climbs, tight turns, rocky. This section ate me up! Rena was none to worn out...a fast train of folks with Jen Phiefer, came by us headed to the overlook no slowing them down. I felt Rena was being nice staying with me as we pulled into Rattlesnake and 10miles to go..I let her lead and I started to slow down about 10 seconds behind. While I still felt ok I had a major melt down with 6miles to go..this is my hard section all the time as we run to the river and the climb to the finish. I tried to keep moving but I was at least 10minutes behind Rena now...The climb to the top had me humbled..50 steps walk then 100 steps run..I just wanted to finish. Today was tough but that was ok..better days ahead. I will finish the weekend Sunday with a short 10miles and calle it a week...Tony

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  1. That is some course! But at least the big climb was at the end. For me nothing worst than starting a run with a climb. Unfortunately a lot of races do so. (Ok, now I'm whining)