Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Cool Weekend..Next up Rucky Chucky Roundabout

Cool Cupcakes (photo by Jack Meyer)....Me by Chuck Godtfredsen

Way too Cool really was Cool.  Friday I arrived at Auburn Running Company to work packet pickup.  Only an hour or so into workng we started to see the first rain of the week. This was not too welcome of a sight for all the runners coming in the store.  Temps where dropping and it looked like a cold day in late December not March.  Jeez.  I was happy to be working inside versus the crews setting up the Start and Finish in Cool.  I had a good time but not so much taking time to talk with folks..just ask for last name, grab their bib packet and move on..I left late in the afternoon and a return to Cool on Saturday morning to work some more at the race.

Saturday was cold and foggy as I arrived in Cool runners where all bundled up..with temps in the mid 30's everyone was happy to get the race underway..But it sure was gonna be slick.  I will not get into race details but the day was filled with a lot of fun catching up with folks as I worked the awards table. I was gonna come back on Sunday for my long run and was a little worried I had been standing all day for the last 2 days making my 30'ish run to be hard. 

I arrived Sunday at the overlook in Auburn to run my long run solo again for the third week.  EEEsch...It was again cold but with the time change a bit warmer than previous days....Sun was out as I took off towards Cool, Not a bad run as I made my way up from Nohands..I ran into Grant Carboni who was out since before 7am...Not too many runners on this day a lot of folks resting.  The mud really was pretty bad after I made my way on the Cool course at HWY 49 and decided to run up Ball Bearing to ALT...Energy was ok but not a fast pace.  I was practicing walking pace every 12 minutes or so to review how my walking will be at WS..it was hard for me to walk for a set time especially when in the middle of my 1 or 2 minute walk time I was on some flat or downhill just wanted to move on those sections..I need to practice this a bit more it did not feel natural.  ALT to Browns was really pretty good and I started to think about how this will feel on WS race day/night/errr morning...Browns to Quarry road was a mess to just get down and cross the streams..It was slow going here as it will be long into the night.  I really lost it on the mental energy side once I got to Nohands and my last few miles...Finished my run at Placer High and my traditional touch the WS plaque found there..It felt long today, hard but overall a good week with increased mileage.

That leads me to about a month out from American River 50...I want to run one last long hard run this weekend and am gonna run Rucky Chucky Roundabout. About a 50k course from Calstreet to the river and then back...lots of downhill and alot of climbing..should leave me very tired come Saturday night..I will practice the walking on the steep long climbs and manage fuel and fluids on this test race...

Till next Week...

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  1. Those cupcakes are cute. Just saw that the race finally has a website - YAY!