Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rucky Chucky 50k a long training run....

Today's post finds my legs a little tired. Yesterday I ran Rucky Chucky Roundabout 50k..I wanted a training run with support on the Cal Loop to the river and back.  So the race offered the chance.  It is really a laid back race with about 75 -85folks.  Mark Lantz, John Blue, Eric Johnson,Charlie Jones, John Nichols where there and we saw Rory of the mountains as I call her.  A young gifted runner, she won the womens 50k and has her slot in WS so it should be interesting. 
We all took off on a cool very comfortable morning I settled in with Charlie Jones for the most part and we ran with a guy from Oregon as we cruised into Cal2.  Things where not too hard but the idea was to get to the turn around and then add 1 hour to my time down to get my finish time.  As we cruised into the first aid station we where in for a suprise.  About 9miles in and the aid station was not stocked!  Seems the gate was locked and the owners where gone....Jeez.  This seems to be what happens with  this race every year.  Race does not take much to plan ahead and make sure things are in place for race week...I find this very unprofessional that this continues to occur at this race since he took over. 

Ok on with the race..after we ran to the next aid station about 13miles in we got refueled thankfully.  I was low.  Aid station folks there where helpful and glad to quench our thirst.  Runners where on the return to the start finish and we where on par to hit the turn a little under 3hrs. We hit the turn at 2:50 and got out of there to return.  I suffered my low point really from there to Cal 3..I let Charlie go and was taking my time.  I stopped at one point and a guy passed me as  I was looking into the canyons....He said..are you ok I said yes...two other guys would also pass me on my way to Cal 3..things would change though soon enough...I got to Cal3 and was wondering if we would have full aid at Cal2 on the way back..we would really need it..I stopped and took down a Roctane and did a dry heave putting it down...I was downing S-Caps as well it was getting warm.  On the climb up to Cal2 I passed 2 runners and that felt good they where hurting and I was moving well on this climb.  Yippee they found the key and there was full aid at Cal2..Filled my two bottles and took off I was behind my schedule now but I wanted to get up the steepest climb on the return ok...5hours in and I start that climb..not too bad and I start running for the final then walk up the hills as I was thinking about my time and the final 2.5miles and the climb that can feel like an insult..its hard. 

As I hit that final climb I thought I could get within 10minutes of my goal..and I came upon the dude that asked me hours earlier if I was ok..he was a mess...I blew by him and said lets get this thing done but he had no energy and said for me to go on...I did..I was off goal now and said get in under 7hours..a long day for sure..a middle of the pack finish.   I am happy with the last 6weeks with these long runs each weekend....Now a minor taper as we get ready for AR50....then onto Miwok.  I still have a lot of work to do but just need to stay on the plan....Till next week....


  1. Nice work - way to push trough to the other side. I'm sure there will be many occasion like that for us 6/26-27! You'll have to clue me in to all the special touches to the blog world. So far mine is pretty generic and I'm so not tech savvy!

  2. Ok, that race sucked in terms of aid stations, but it was also a great and tough training for your WS race; pushing through the obstacles.