Thursday, March 18, 2010

Only 100 Days...!

That's right down to only 100 Days till Western States!  When I see it that way there is so much to get done. In reality after the Western States Training Weekend. Most of the work will be done so the body better get tuned and fast....
I had a minor setback this week with some achilles issues on Tuesday..I think I know the cause and it was foolish..That should not come back again.  Seeing only 100 days sets the mind into a good sense of PANIC! Line all the training up and make it count.  Long runs...and Getting into the Canyons.  Heat Training. More Canyons...Saturday and Sunday's are going to be getting really long and hard.  Weekdays..a little longer runs and repeats at Stagecoach up and down...slam the quads. 

This really is getting fun for me...Spring is in the air, 100 days and a lot of miles to go. 

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