Sunday, March 28, 2010

Got the Bib Number...Guilty Taper for AR

It has been a guilty week of sorts with a Taper week built in for the next two leading up to AR50.  I had been a bit sluggish legs after Rucky Chucky so I did not mind it early in the week.  But as the week wore on I wanted to run a bit harder than the scheduled run on the American River Trail yesterday.  I was feeling guilty knowing I need so much work on long downhills and climbing strong.  That had it settled so I compromised with myself and will talk to my coach about it..I went back to Calstreet and ran to Cal3 and back.  Short in that it was 20miles but good with the downhill, climbs and cruising sections.  It was so much easier than last week on the return when you cut off 11miles.  I ran up most of the way from Cal3 to Cal2 and that had me excited..I then cruised till the steep climb up impail trail (as  I call it) Moved very well to Cal1 aid and stopped to talk to Allyson Thomas, Julie Fingar and Don they where heading in the opposite direction..It was nearly a perfect day..what would happen on the final climb to FH..that did not go as well.  I slowed down to a pace I did not want to be. .  But it still was a very good run, the sun was out it was a great spring day....I went home cooked on the grill, then went out to see Hot Tub Time Machine..suprised it was pretty good......

This week one step closer....I got Bib #280 for Western States! All my forms are complete now time to train, train, train...Next weekend I will run AR course to taper but my heart is in the canyons that are just starting to heat up with the change in weather.  AR will not be a race for me but another training run.  Miwok will be a test and a tough one at that.  Then we are into the last solid month of training leading to JUNE!  Where did the time go?

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