Saturday, January 3, 2009

Run for Dan, Screaming Quads and a Cool Run

Today was a very special day for the training running community near Auburn, California. Today was a benefit run for Dan Moores. The day was to support Dan in anyway the community can and they sure did. Greg Soderlund-WS Race Director, Tim Twietmeyer and a cast of many hosted the event on the Placer High Track..The Finish for Western States. Greg estimated about 400 individuals turned out to run a lap or more. It was nice to see so many come out and support..

It was however...dang cold at the start of the day...what is with this low clouds we have been having keeping temps near freezing at night! I met up with Rena and Karyn Hoffman about 8 at the track and we ran a tricky warm up around the was slick with a light coat of ice in portions. The quads just hurt from New Years Day. I admit it was tough to leave the track as they where bringing food and hot coffee out for everyone..I was thinking....hmmm stay on the track anc run 60laps would be a good workout...But alas We headed out to the cold and muddy trail...

Karyn, Rena and I all felt it in the quads but we said we would take it easy..The downhill in the black hole was very slick with a slip n slide...I kept a good pace for the group to No Hands bridge..but I was wondering what would happen on the climb up to Cool. Karyn and Rena where running strong up to Cool and I dropped back..I was a bit whinny with some tightness in my lower back..However on the way up we saw many runners returning from Cool to head to the track to support Dan..there must have been nearly 15 runners on the stretch down from Cool..I was hurting..the back was tight..I told Rena and Karyn to head to the Firestation and I would cut it just short of the Firestation...This seemed to work out well and I at least had a nice final climb up to Cool. The return from Cool to No Hands was very nice but dang if it was not cold in the shade! Karyn was running very strong and consistant for the final 3 miles to the track....Rena jumped on the Hoffman train and they took off..I kept a steady slow legs where a bit shot...Upon hitting the track there were a lot of folks taking part in the event...Mark Lantz was long finished with his training run with Rob Evens and was there to great us...Time for a little socializing...

So it was a great day to support Dan...I had a ok day and this is what January is about..building a good base.


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