Saturday, January 17, 2009

Runnin the Trail to Rattle..a Good Week of Running

On Avery Pond on the American River Trail

A very nice week of running and a nice suprise on a warm northern California Saturday

Running this week could not have gone better..I had set a mileage at only 50miles for the week. Following my game plane to hit high mileage in March with two 50mile weekends to prep for American River 50mile..

The week was really nice and a lot of strong base running..Runs included stagecoach loop and two runs down and up from the American River with strong 2.5mile hill climbs from Last Gasp to the overlook in the middle of the week..That leaves Saturday and Sunday..I set a 20mile limit for Saturday and choose to run from the Overlook to Rattlesnake and bac on the AR trail. I was on my own today...Rena was sick an others where scattered at races from Pacifica to Redding. Not bad though as the parking lot was not too crowded as I departed at 7:30 not too chilly and a promise of warming..I had set myself to review my fluid intake today and every 15minutes set to drink 4oz...and at 45minute 3blocks and a scap. Pace the whole day was steady with no real "wheels off" I was enjoying myself. I did encounter a large group of at least 20 hiking and taking their time..that is fine but they would not move over as I called out to pass..I caught them first at the powerstation and later as I crossed a stream..they were all being carefull and I was set to finish my run in the time I had in my time so I just ran through the stream getting wet.
Oh well..I did see Erik Skaden and Mark Lantz just after I turned back from Rattle..they had another 2 miles to run before they turned back and I decided I did not want the fast folks to catch me at any cost..So off I went running scared for the final 3.2 of climbing..I did have a low point on the climb but was checking to see if I was on for my predicted finish after I left Rattle...Got to the overlook with 2minutes to spar and no Mark or Erik to be scene..I was happy. I think Vespa really works..its now part of my long run suppliments....

My nice suprise for the day was when I headed over to Auburn Running Company...and to my suprise Dan Moores was in his shop!!! It was great to see him out of the hospital and smiling. He was very grateful and stunned at the outpouring from Auburn and the trail running community as he deals with leukemia...He felt great and just wanted to talk..It was GREAT! Granted he has one more chemo and then the bone marrow transplant..but I want to see him in 2010 at the Bath Aid station at Western States that is my plan...and his as well!

A nice view of the American River

Elevation Profile---Overlook to Rattlesnake and Back


  1. I'm looking to run the Western States 100 too. But not in 2010. This year or next year my family and I are going to be spectators at the race to see what it's all about. Check out my blog at

  2. Thanks for stopping by! And congrats on getting into WS!

    "Way Too Cool" was a great race. Amazing nature - the American River is beautiful and so the surrounding nature as you know - living so close. Mostly single track and well stocked aid stations, super nice people... I can only recommend it.

  3. Thanks for posting a comment. And if I go to the WS race I'll be sure to check out the Foresthill Aid Station and the Devils Thumb aid. PS. Watch out for me in the later Western States races, that's my goal, and you never know mabey some Badwater too.