Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Some Elevation Profiles and early week run

Elevation Profile of My Rocklin Running Route...

I usually wait till the Weekend to post thoughts on my running but thought a early week review maybe ok...I am working out of my home office today and took off on a short lunch run through the concrete streets of Rocklin. I used to run this route allllll the time but since the every present contruction homes and office parks in suburban hell I have limited running this route to only a few times a year and when I guess traffic volumes are low...So with cool sunny skies at lunch off I went..
So you see I still run on the road though it was just under 7 miles it reminded me that I still need to get some tempo in my workouts. I felt very comfortable running but not at a pace I would have run if I where training for a marathon...This was slower than my boston qualifying pace. Oh well something to work on. But it was nice since it was less than an hour of running. I then head off in the late afternoon for my weekly leg massage at the Monsters...That has kept me moving all these years and I recommend it to anyone putting in the mileage.

I also attached the abbreviated Cool Course Profile from last weekend..notice the flat spot just at the top of Goat Hill..that is the time I forgot to turn the garmin back on..oh well it gives you a general idea what it is like to head down to hwy 49 and Quarry Trail/Road----Up Browns Bar-----Run on ALT---Down Ball Bearing to Quarry Road---Quarry Road to Goat Hill---Goat to Cool Fire Station....

Here is the Profile of Saturdays Run...

Till Next time..hit those trails....Tony

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