Tuesday, March 31, 2009

20mile Taper, Prediction AR50

Often a week prior to a marathon I would run 10k to shake the legs out...This past Saturday I planned to run a version of that for a 50mile..20miles. This 20 in my head was to be slow out to RattleSnake on the AR Trail then return at race pace to the finish. That seemed to go out the window when we had two additional runners join us for the day. Both fast they said it was going to be easy. As we took off the pace was fast for me..but I did not back off. Gad! I made comments but the group dynamic was to keep at that pace...I thought why not and took it to the river 5minutes faster than normal. Here I did just say the heck with that pace and dropped back. Yet the legs where on that pace and kept on moving faster than normal. So at the 6mile mark 3minutes faster than normal pace...At Avery Pond...8minutes faster. By the time I got to Rattle and the turn the fast group where there waiting but I was 9minutes faster! I felt good but said that was it..My return I recovered some sanity and took it real easy back..My legs however where tired on Saturday, Sunday. I got to remember to keep my eye on the prize....Western States 2010.

That said...American River 50mile is this Saturday. This years addition has a new race director who increased the field from 500 to 650...Last I saw on the runner list 700bib numbers where released! This could be a bit too large for the course and the middle runner like me. Weather...Has been very windy and forecast for weekend could bring some of that. If the winds are strong and from the north we are running into headwinds..Will wait and see.

Goal 1---Run Qualifying Time for Western States----Anything less than 11 hours!

Goal 2-Run slow controlled pace for the first 19miles.
This is bike path and relatively easy.
Previous I have run some fast splits here.
Which left me little once I got to Buzzads.
Projected time to Nimbus Dam:3hr 12 minutes.

Goal 2-Beals Point Aid--This is the major aid station.
Last before it goes single track. Here I look
at a time ~10minutes slower than average runner
predicated pace.Still alot of race to go!
Projected Time to Beals----4hr 50minutes

Goal 3-Beals to Buzzards:This section has a new addition
of trail. This will add some time. Here, I maintain
concentration and keep the legs moving. Again, about 10min.
slower than average runner pace.
Buzzards Goal Time:6hr 20minutes

Goal 4-Buzzards to RattleSnake:This is it! The toughest section
on the course. Rocky, narrow. I expect a trains of
runners. I am not going to get into their game.
Push through. This will be much faster than last year.
Buzz to Rattle Goal Time--7hr 45minutes.

Goal 5--Rattlesnake to the Barn!---My nemisis is the really the
2.6mile stretch prior prior to the climb from the river.
I plan on enjoying this section! Climb from the river just
Goal Time to the Barn...I project to finish
between 9:45 and 10:10..Its not fast! Qtime in pocket
and enjoy the late afternoon in Auburn.

Things to remember to do on the course..

1)Drink 1 water bottle between each aid station (at beals I may carry two bottles)
2)One SCAP every half hour since we are hitting some heat and it will be warm.
3)One Gel every hour. If things bonk..then two per hour
4)No lagging at aid stations--I can cut time off from last year..

Thats it...Tony


  1. Best of luck to you! I have a few friends that are in the field with you. Enjoy. I hope you make your goals. ;)

  2. You know your numbers well. With all the hard training you'll be where you want to be. Have a super time this weekend and I'm looking forward to reading about your journey!