Wednesday, March 25, 2009

noon time run location

Just a short note...Here is where I run most often...When I work from home this is a my lunch time view as I set out to run the stagecoach loop....

American River at the Coffer Dam Location...Notice the hillsides cleared of trees and the start of a coffer dam. Construction Stopped(thank god!) and river returned to natural stream bed with a rapids built for rafters and kayaks as seen below...


  1. How awful - construction? Glad to hear they stopped whatever they started. This place has to stay natural; would be a sin!

    Looking forward to reading about your AR goals. 2 weeks - wow. You must be tappering now.

  2. Very different from where I run, so many trees! Glad this is only the dam "location" and not the actual dam!

    To your question about LD50; primarily it's my AC100 qualifier, if I can go <11 for the WS100 requirement, well, that would be gravy ;-)