Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dan Moores Thank You, Second 30mile run day, tired legs

Hi all no pictures today...but the first thing I wanted to comment on was a thank you card from Dan and Patrice Moores in my mailbox this afternoon...It really made my day.

For those not in the know about Dan..He owns Aubrun Running Company and a real nice guy, trail runner and Western States fnisher..Back in November he was diagnosed with Leukemia and this week he was off to Stanford for his bone marrow treatment (I know they do something different but that is the best non medical way to describe it)..During these last few months the community has rallied around Dan and the store..a benefit run raised an astounding amount of funds to help on costs not covered by his insurance. I have been lucky to remain in contact with Dan these past few months as he completed his chemo..he was feeling great and even running a bit..that all changed this week with some unsettling news. But he is still as positive and yes scarred as he heads down for the treatments..He is planning to be at the finish line at Western States in June to see the runners come through..that is his goal...he has asked runners to email him their training leading toward western this year..he looks at his battle while at Stanford to be the same and he is pointing like many to be at Western cool.
So today in the mail a simple thank you card for donation and being a meant a lot.

Today marked my second weekend in a row where I set out to run about 30miles on the same route I did last weekend..This time Rena joined me and a friend Kate joined after we completed stagecoach for the finial 20ish....We met early at the overlook very cool, clear skies..Rena and I ran strong on the stagecoach loop and hit our mark of 1:30 for the nine then temps where up and at the overlook we changed from long sleeves to short, fueled up, grabbed Kate and off we went..Trails where perfect as we hit the breakfast spot and 6miles additional in 62minutes (Rena and I's typical time without running 9 prior)...I was pretty amazed but was thinking I should hang back and not get caught up in running faster than I had planned to the turn at rattlesnake...It really was stunning day on the trails and the American River with all the rain is filling up nice to see rapids and deep water moving fast and cold below..From the breakfast spot I dropped back and Rena and Kate moved ahead very fast I was ok with that and hit the turn around at 3:30 ..I had been switching this week to a 45minute interval on gels, blocs and salt...this was working Rena and Kate where no worse for wear as we chatted at Rattle with 10uphill miles to go I was at my low point for the day...out of rattle I hit true turte pace and watched my pace slow on my garmin watch...Things where soon to improve I was moving slow and steady and from miles 8 down to 6 I was getting a second wind and moving better. These last 6 always my hard part with the majority of climbing occuring here betwen miles 8 and 5 then all uphil from 3.2 miles to the top. I ran this better than last week and looked like I could hit my goal time..I noticed the planter kicking up and I often hear comments from people ask me if I am ok since they can see a limp. I have grown so used to this I barely notice...

I ran into a guy at the river and the final 3.2..he and I started chatting on the steep climb up I was out of gas and really did not see a major difference if the run back from rattle was 2 hours or 2:10 so that is how it went to the top some talking and then all out running the final 2.4. from last gasp..Not bad overall with a 13 minute improvement from last week..Legs are cooked..I don't care what distance run I(10, 15 or 30 )always a bit sore..They will be better on Sunday for a short run...Next up go and watch Way too Cool next week and 20 on the Olmstead loop then hang out and chat with all the runners at will be fun. Soon I will post my predicted splits at AR ain't gonna be fast and not too pretty :)


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  1. Dan is sooo nice! He sent me an Auburn Running T-shirt in a larger sizes, because the one I bought was too small. Is this benefit run still to come? Do you have a link for donations?

    Great job on the trail run this week and your 13 minute improvement. You'll rock AR!!!!!