Monday, March 23, 2009

Two Weeks Till AR50

With a little less than two weeks to AR50 I had my last longer running weekend. With that I ran one last time from the Overlook to Rattle with tack on including Stagecoach loop on Sat. And a miserable run through cold and rain Sunday to finish the cycle. The run Saturday I had really fresh legs with limited mileage on them (business travel cut down on that). It was really quite since I started just before sunrise..I enjoyed the stillness. I thought of the big cats and it being their time to feed so I kept a bit more focused on my surroundings. Other than that the day was pretty uneventful with a stronger run on my climb from the river.

Sunday was cold and rain. But the last longer run had to be done. It took nearly 1 hour for my legs to start feeling good with the rain coming down and me freezing I turned back to finish shortly after. As I returned to the overlook. I had a chance to reflect on this winters training...Much better than last year. More 30-45 mile weekends. The last month had less running on weekdays leaving me feeling a bit apprehensive for AR. I will post my prediction splits and finish time later this week....Tony

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